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Next planting no later than: April 2024.


Our Pledge to Protect and Nurture the Environment

Here at our initiative, we’re driven by a deep-seated respect for our environment and the critical role each tree plays in our planet’s health. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to aid reforestation efforts, focusing primarily within the European Union. Our initiative is not just a simple tree planting project, it’s a testament to our commitment to the planet, a legacy we’re leaving for future generations.

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Non-profit and Proud:
Join our mission

We operate proudly as a non-profit organization. Every penny received is reinvested directly back into our tree planting efforts. When you choose to plant a tree with us, you’re making a tangible, long-lasting difference to our planet’s future. Your contribution helps us continue this critical mission.

Our Pledge:
Planting Trees for the Future, With Expert Care

We make a firm pledge to each of our patrons and the planet – the trees you help plant will not be cut down. We’re planting for the future, establishing living legacies that contribute to long-term environmental sustainability and biodiversity. Working closely with forestry professionals, we ensure that every tree is planted and nurtured according to their expert guidance. Our commitment to professional, careful stewardship ensures the best possible start for each sapling we plant.

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Why Plant a Tree?
The Endless Benefits of Reforestation

Every minute, a forest area equivalent to 27 soccer fields is lost, primarily due to human activities. This shocking data signifies the urgency of our mission. The act of planting a tree holds more significance than one might initially realize. Trees sequester carbon, contributing to offset carbon emissions. They play a vital role in preserving biodiversity by creating habitats for countless species and maintaining the balance of our ecosystems. Furthermore, reforestation efforts stimulate local economies, provide job opportunities, and improve the quality of life for communities around the world.

Transparency and Honesty:
Know Your Impact

We value transparency and honesty. Therefore, we commit to keeping you informed about where your trees are planted. You deserve to see the direct impact of your contribution. Together, we can create a greener, healthier world for us all to cherish.

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Our team is a bunch of motivated entrepreneurs who want to secure the future of the planet. Trees are the main oxygen source of our Earth, by planting them we can reduce the CO2 level. As a devoted team who really wants to do something to our environment, we are constantly working with foresters and planting, growing and protecting our Plant A Tree forests for a better and greener tomorrow! Join our mission and let’s give Nature a little back of how much it’s given to us.


  • 1-6000 🌳 : HUNGARY, H-4251 Nyíradony, 0426/30
  • HUNGARY, H-6500 BAJA, 0154/4
  • HUNGARY, H-6500 BAJA, 0154/5
  • HUNGARY, H-6500 BAJA, 0154/8
  • HUNGARY, H-6500 BAJA, 0154/9
  • HUNGARY, H-2051 Biatorbágy, 0192/11
  • HUNGARY, H-2051 Biatorbágy, 0193/2
  • HUNGARY, H-2051 Biatorbágy, 0194/12
  • HUNGARY, H-2051 Biatorbágy, 0194/13


plant a tree as a gift, plant a tree in a memory: gifting trees, tree planting donation, memorial trees